HOT 2020!!! 3D66 INTERIOR 2020 Collection

March 20, 2020| admin

3D66 – INTERIOR Collection HOT 2020 is coming soon!!!!

3d66 Interior Collection Hot 2020

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3D66 – INTERIOR Collection HOT 2020 – Preview

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Product use and applicable population

1. More than 1,000 sets of high-quality models. Include all the materials, open and use them directly, improve your drawing efficiency.

2. Models and albums are classified in space and style to quickly locate customer needs and reduce communication costs.

3. Suitable for the crowd: design agencies, decoration companies, designers and practitioners of renderings.

Product Features

1. A number of top design companies across the country cooperate to update the design. Is your best help for inspiration.
2. Models are meticulous, all models do not lose textures, materials, lights and parameters! The yo-yo staffs organize them manually to ensure that they can be used.

  • 3D Yoyo officially did the following to the “2020 Overall Model”:
  • A. Check if the model is missing textures. The missing textures have been manually added by the official.
  • B. Delete unnecessary garbage in the scene, such as kinetic garbage, ionic garbage, point cache and other garbage to ensure that the model size is smaller, open and save the model faster.
  • C. Process the optical network file so that MAX opens the model and no longer gets stuck.
  • D. Compatibility with rendering parameters, compatible with VRAY2.0 and Corona3.0.
  • E. Name the maps in a standardized way to ensure that the names of the maps are the only names in the world. When MAX opens the model, the maps will not be displayed incorrectly because of the same name.
  • F. Lazy processing of textures by the CPU, to prevent rendering of the image, the CPU is less than 100%.
  • G. All models have been processed into low-level format by the official, so that users of low-level versions can also use the models.
  • H. In this set of models, CR models MAX2013 and above can be opened, and other VR models MAX2010 and above can be opened.
  • I. 3D Officials also selected masterpieces from a large number of submissions this year through submission methods.
  • J. The above models are sorted out. They are only exclusive, conscience models, and they can be used with confidence.


3.  Classification is scientific and convenient, and the model can be quickly queried according to space and style.
4.  The model file is stored on the hard disk, with hardcover A3 album, more atmospheric.
5.  National SF express mail, the fastest speed reaches you.

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