Guaranteed Policy for members who buy models

April 9, 2017| admin


Subjects of application: All members have purchased materials on 3DS MARKET website.

Time of application: during office hours. (Outside office hours will commit to processing from the working time of the next day)

Purpose: Because the number of documents on 3DS MARKET is diverse and diverse, it is contributed by members, so the Management Board of the library does not control all the contents, as well as the attached documents of those documents. It is possible that the document will be defective or not the same as described. In order for the Benefits and Benefits of members to join 3DS MARKET, it is guaranteed that we will protect the interests of members who buy materials.

Commitment from 3DS MARKET:

– 3DS MARKET commits to correct the CORRECT documents and send documents to members within 24 hours from receiving the report or email from the member about the problem of incorrect or incorrect documents.
– If after 48 hours, the document has not been corrected, 3DS MARKET will return 100% of the points that the member used to purchase the defective document.

Resolution Process:

Step 1: Send us a Guarantee Request (see below) for us via Online Support (Chat live in Website or Email
Step 2: We confirm the processing
Step 3: Within 24 hours we will solve for customers

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