Bedroom Model 008-A Modern Style 3d66 2017

(3D Model)

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+ Important Information:
- Format: 3DS Max 2012 version or above
- Download WinRAR latest to extract files.
- There are no lights in some scenes! Direct rendering cannot be turned on.
- Sell only materials (.max), no tutorials, please enrich your expertise.

- 100% refund to your wallet at the website if the file error.
- We will send the download link (Google Drive) via Email or PURCHASE HISTORY.
- If have problem in process download, please contact
- All collections are purchased in bulk for use and then resold / shared with the community at a discounted price above the original price.


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Model: 008-A 2017 Bedroom Modern style (008) 3D66 Interior Model
Design: Bedroom 3D model
Category: Bedroom
Year: 2017
File Size: 17.6MB
File extension: 7z
Type: Premium
Free Download

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