Data copyright and dispute resolution

April 9, 2017| admin

Data copyright

You understand that 3DS MARKET only creates a shared environment and you understand and take responsibility for the work you are doing with the information you share and the information you will use from there. 3DS MARKET is not responsible for the honesty, integrity, legality of the content but only provides web functions for you to see the community’s evaluation and participate as a virtual member to help you information screening, contributing to preserving the health of 3DS MARKET.
Resources on 3DS MARKET (including documents, design files, specialized libraries) by users Upload. 3DS MARKET assumes no responsibility for copyright / legal responsibility of that data source. This has been accepted by users before joining 3DS MARKET community.

When users upload data with fees, 3DS MARKET requires users to sign a commitment and authenticate the copyright data itself or without copyright disputes. Any violation of user upload is entirely responsible to the law.

The sources of digital data collected by, when uploaded, must specify the source to respect the author who created the data.

Copyright regulations

In order to avoid data disputes, 3DS MARKET management has the following rules:

– Members may not reuse the data already on the previous website for business, re-upload on the system.
– Members must ensure Upload data on systems with personal ownership or no copyright disputes.
– Do not violate information security provisions in the current legal system.
– Do not copy, spread any content of data that is related to or adversely affects anyone’s trademark, trade secret, copyright or proprietary rights
– Unauthorized use of Personal account and password of other users
– Do not collect, use personal information of other users. Include information about account or email address, address, phone number and personal information from 3DS MARKET
– Do not interfere with the process of authenticating users, using tricks such as editing cookies, eavesdropping .. for unauthorized access.
– With the data of users Uploading on the system, 3DS MARKET is not responsible for the origin of the data.

If there is a report violating the above rules, 3DS MARKET will lock your account and remove the data on the website immediately.

Dispute resolution

You understand and agree that you will not complain or force 3DS MARKET to compensate you for all damages, liabilities, and expenses incurred by:

– Losses occur in the process of accessing and using online services on 3DS MARKET
– You violate copyright or intellectual property related issues of an individual, collective or a third site.
– Losses from a third party’s complaint to you about the content you copied, distributed, traded, exchanged, resold or exploited based on the use of content from 3DS MARKET.

Any responsibility when problems arise will be solely responsible by the uploader. The uploader must actively resolve copyright issues with a third party.

When there is a copyright issue, 3DS MARKET system will temporarily block the dispute data until the uploader and the third party have resolved it.

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