Terms Of Use

April 9, 2017 |

Welcome to 3DS MARKET website, the website is designed and put into use in 2015. Your registration to use 3DS MARKET and the use of services of 3DS MARKET means you agree with the Terms below (service agreement). If you do not agree, please do not register 3DS MARKET as well as services provided by 3DS MARKET. 3DS MARKET may change or adjust the agreement. You should regularly see the usage agreement each time you visit the website Service description Through websites and links on the website, 3DS MARKET provides users with the ability to access Web resources of 3DS MARKET, using the services provided by 3DS MARKET, including the information shown on Websites in the form of text, images, audio or video illustrations, databases, management messages or messages and other services (collectively referred to as “Services”). Unless specifically stated otherwise, the subject of the Terms of Use also includes…    read more 

Data copyright and dispute resolution

April 9, 2017 |

Data copyright You understand that 3DS MARKET only creates a shared environment and you understand and take responsibility for the work you are doing with the information you share and the information you will use from there. 3DS MARKET is not responsible for the honesty, integrity, legality of the content but only provides web functions for you to see the community’s evaluation and participate as a virtual member to help you information screening, contributing to preserving the health of 3DS MARKET. Resources on 3DS MARKET (including documents, design files, specialized libraries) by users Upload. 3DS MARKET assumes no responsibility for copyright / legal responsibility of that data source. This has been accepted by users before joining 3DS MARKET community. When users upload data with fees, 3DS MARKET requires users to sign a commitment and authenticate the copyright data itself or without copyright disputes. Any violation of user upload is entirely…    read more 

Guaranteed Policy for members who buy models

April 9, 2017 |

POLICY TO GUARANTEE – COMMITMENTS IN 24 HOURS OF 3DS MARKET Subjects of application: All members have purchased materials on 3DS MARKET website. Time of application: during office hours. (Outside office hours will commit to processing from the working time of the next day) Purpose: Because the number of documents on 3DS MARKET is diverse and diverse, it is contributed by members, so the Management Board of the library does not control all the contents, as well as the attached documents of those documents. It is possible that the document will be defective or not the same as described. In order for the Benefits and Benefits of members to join 3DS MARKET, it is guaranteed that we will protect the interests of members who buy materials. Commitment from 3DS MARKET: – 3DS MARKET commits to correct the CORRECT documents and send documents to members within 24 hours from receiving the…    read more 

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